A Shakespeare spouting, show tune belting, rubber voiced, rapping clown.


Chance Theater Company Member
CSULB Theater Arts B.A

Actually Me

I constantly improvise small comic bits and pieces of sketches throughout my day as a way of interacting with the world and getting practice creating.
I obsess over watching and breaking down lyrically complex rap battles.
I tell anyone who will listen about my findings.
I sometimes sing songs to make myself feel better when I'm stressed.
I'm pretty good at playing with puppets and making people think they're real.
I love meta humor.

Page Break

I think Highway to Hell and Bohemian Rhapsody are perfect songs.
I can love any style of music, if it's honest.
2014 Forest Hills Drive is my favorite album at the moment.
Aladdin was the first movie I ever watched and Robin Williams became my hero.
Mrs. Doubtfire is my favorite movie.
what. and Make Happy are my favorite performances.